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Hi, I'm Sarah Ansah, an independent brand & graphic designer.

I offer research based designs that will result in a full collection of brand assets that will add value to your business and products. I create brand identities that will inspire and connect with your audience. 

Whether you're an emerging fashion designer, start-up or an established business, I would love to partner with you in achieving your goals by using my expertise and experience in design to launch or carry your business forward. 

My background and education

I have a Bachelors degree in Fashion and textiles design from the University of the West of England, Bristol. After graduating I started doing freelance work in graphic design while also working as Brand Specialist for one of House of Frasers brands. 

In 2016, I then worked for a design agency before taking the plunge and starting my own business at the start of 2021. 

How I can help you...

  • Are you struggling to find the right visuals that will appeal to your audience and get your messaging across?

  • Maybe you are a start-up and overwhelmed by all the design assets you need before you are ready to present your brand to the world? 

  • Maybe your business has been running for a while now but it is not doing as well as you hoped or you have hit a lull in sales and engagement?


Based on your goals, I will work with you to grow your business by developing a strong visual identity and design assets which will increase brand sales and brand awareness.

I will create engaging designs that will give your business the boost it needs to get your brand in front of the right target audience and connecting with them with your brands messaging.

I offer everything a business needs, from idea to execution, including branding, marketing & advertising. Let me rally around you to bring your vision into reality. 


Schedule a meeting with me...

Get in touch and let's schedule a time to discuss the vision for your business.

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